Google AdWords Keyword Tool Is A Beginner Keyword Research Tool

Google's AdWords Keyword Tool is an external keyword suggestion tool offered through Google AdWords. When you are first beginning PPC and learning how to use Google AdWords, this keyword tool is a pretty good way to establish a baseline list of AdWords keyword ideas for your website. You enter a word or phrase, or alternatively, a URL, and the free AdWords Keyword Tool spits back a list of related keywords and some additional traffic data. But the tool stops there. It doesn't tell you what to do with those keywords or help you organize them into a usable, actionable structure.

WordStream's free keyword tools include:

  • Exclusive Keyword Research - The Keyword Research Suite gives you deep access to WordStream's industry-leading, trillion-keyword database. This gives you the competitive edge of knowing your keywords are more extensive and accurate.
  • AdWord Keyword Data You Can Act On - Instead of just a list of keywords, our tools give your structured, actionable data, ready to use in search marketing campaigns. You'll be able to organize and put into action insights surrounding your keywords and search queries.
  • Negative Keyword Suggestions - With the Negative Keyword Tool you can find keywords that aren't relevant to your campaigns, so you can make sure your ads aren't triggered by queries that won't result in business. This can save you thousands of dollars on wasted clicks.

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WordStream: A Better Way to Research Keywords

So what's the problem with using the Google Keyword Tool and stopping there? The problem is, as with any freely available, public, third-party tool, the keywords basic AdWords tools returns come up short in a few ways:

  • Their relevance is questionable: Say you own an online pet store and you're looking for keywords you can use to market the cat section of your website. Many of the keywords you'll get from Google don't have much to do with pets: "cat power supplies"? "cat birthday party supplies"? You can never be sure that all these keywords apply to your specific business. This is why you need negative keywords.
  • There's no competitive edge: Your competitors can use the AdWords Keyword Tool to get the exact same list of keywords for your business niche. How do you set your site apart?
  • Their number is limited: You might get up to 100 or so keywords—mostly popular, two- or three-word keyword phrases, with no long-tail keywords in sight. What then? To succeed as a search marketer, you need to grow and expand your list into the thousands and beyond.
  • The monthly traffic volume is an exstimate: Google takes a yearly average and rounds traffic numbers, making it impossible to determine the seasonality of keywords

WordStream offers a couple of further options to build the size, value and relevance of your list:

  • Find personalized keywords: With WordStream Advisor, you can mine your own analytics data to unearth the real keywords that actual search engine users have typed in to find your website. These keywords are highly specific and unique to your business, unlike those returned by the AdWords Keyword Tool. Plus, they're private, so your competitors won't have access to them.
  • Find keywords into the extreme long tail: This is where keyword expansion comes in. Don't stop with the basic head terms relevant to your business. Our long-tail database gives you way more keywords in highly competitive markets.

Using WordStream instead of or in addition to AdWords makes your keyword research so much more valuable as a marketing asset. You'll find you have a lot more leveraging power for both organic SEO and pay-per-click campaigns when your keyword database is private, personalized, maximally relevant, ever-growing and well-organized. 

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WordStream’s AdWords Performance Grader is a comprehensive free tool that helps you evaluate how your AdWords campaigns are performing based off of several key criteria. Looking at indicators such as Quality Score, Account Activity, Impression Share, and Click-Through Rate, the Performance Grader analyzes your AdWords campaigns and compares your score with relative competitors.

The AdWords Performance Grader helps you:

  • See how well your campaigns are really doing

  • Understand where you fit into the competitive landscape

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